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DM Thumbs is a viewer for thumbs.db files and Vista thumbcache files. Used mainly for forensic analysis it will display all thumbnail images stored within a thumbs.db cache or thumbcache file along with any information stored about the original image.

Developed by GreenSpot Technologies Ltd this analysis tool originated as part of the forensic software Detection Master but is now also available as a stand alone thumbs db viewer.




Thumbs.db is a hidden file used by Windows to store thumbnail images of the files in a folder. It is then used to display thumbnails when a folder is in Thumbnails view. The caching of the thumbnails in thumbs.db is intended to speed up the displaying of thumbnails as new thumbnails need not be created every time the folder is viewed.

Forensic experts are interested in thumbs.db because deleting images from a folder does not remove the thumbnail from the thumbs.db database cache.

DM Thumbs is used in the forensic analysis of thumbs.db files providing details of when images were saved and their names and storage locations. Of course, it also means you can look at the content of previously stored pictures or photos.


Frequently Asked Questions


In our FAQ section you will find answers to frequently asked questions about thumbs.db and Vista thumbcache files. The answers show where to find Thumbs.db files and thumbcache files and how to turn caching on or off.


Downloads and Purchases


You can download DM Thumbs here or should you wish, it can be downloaded from one of the many external sites that host it. This weeks selected sites are shown on the right.

For pricing and purchase options see our DM Thumbs purchase options page.




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