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dm Thumbs FAQ


Q. Can I double click on a thumbs.db file to open it with dm Thumbs?
A. Yes but you need to choose dm Thumbs from the 'Open With' list of programs.

Q. Why does dm Thumbs show 'No Image Data' thumbnails?
A. These are displayed when an entry in a cache doesn't contain an image. Entries like this are used by the file system and may contain other data pertinent to a forensic examination.

Q. Can I recover my lost photos with dm Thumbs?
A. You can only recover thumbnails of the original photos. In Windows XP this will be a small version of the image but in Windows Vista the thumbnails can be as large as 1024 x 1024 which can provide a reasonable quality recovery.

Q. Can I save copies of zoomed in or rotated images?
A. Yes, just click on the save icon below the Thumbnail Image Preview. To save an exact copy of the original image right click on the Thumbnail Image Preview and choose Save To File->Exact Copy Of Cached Image.

Q. Why do I have to have a file open to create a report?
A. When the report is created it records fixed data relating to the cache that is loaded. For example, it calculates the MD5 hash of the file. This defines the file for forensic purposes.

Q. Can I create more than one report for the same file?
A. Effectively no. You can create a report for the same file if it has changed but then it is effectively a new file. We do have a workaround for anyone needing to create more than one report for the same file - let us know if you need the details.

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Tip :
When using dm Thumbs with a thumbcache_idx.db file the default selection is the 96 x 96 thumbnail. Click on 256 below the Thumbnail Image Preview to see the stored 256 version.
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