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Thumbcache FAQ


Q. Where does Vista store the thumbcache files?
A. They are stored in the folder Users->[username ]->AppData->Local->Microsoft->Windows->Explorer unless this location is overridden in the registry.

Q. I cannot see the AppData folder?
A. AppData is a hidden folder and by default cannot be seen. Go to Folder Options under the Tools menu, click on the View tab and select 'Show hidden files and folders'.

Q. Why can't I see filenames for the entries like I can with a thumbs.db file?
A. Thumbcaches store a file reference rather than the actual path and filename. This reference relates to the file system to identify the file. This means that when a file is moved from one folder to another it still maintains the same reference. Files viewed over a network will show a path and filename as they are not part of the file system.

Q. What are TData1 and TData2?
A. These are names given by us to data stored relating to thumbnail records. TData1 is a CRC64 checksum of the actual thumbnail data. TData2 is a CRC64 checksum of the header data for the entry.

Q. Why does thumbcache_256.db contain many entries with no image data?
A. The 256 thumbnail cache appears to be used for other referencing purposes by the file system.

Q. Do you know when 1024 size thumbnails are created?
A. One such time is when the Layout in Windows Explorer has the Preview Pane turned on.

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